Welcome to the Movement for Abortion Defense!

We are clinic defenders, abortion patients, health care providers and community members who are rebuilding a fighting reproductive justice movement and standing up for our abortion clinics on the ground from Seattle, Washington to New York City and many many cities in between.

We are planning a National Day of Action to defend abortion clinics country wide on April 6th 2019

The Movement for Abortion Defense recently formed as a network of abortion defenders and we want you to join us!

Our work might look different in each city, but we are united by the following principles:

We believe abortion is critical to reproductive freedom, and reproductive freedom is central to liberation.

We believe in an unapologetic demand for full abortion rights and for reproductive justice.

We fight for free abortion on demand as a critical part of the broader fight for universal healthcare, free childcare, and ending sexual violence.

We believe that anti-racism is central to reproductive freedom.

We believe in gender justice and bodily autonomy for all genders and all bodies.

We believe in opposing right-wing, anti-choice protests in the streets.

We believe in reclaiming space and confronting antis at our clinics. We defend clinics to keep them open and ensure patients can get inside the door without harassment.

We believe that we can win.

Endorsed by:

Twin Cities Clinic Defense
Madison Abortion Defense
Seattle Clinic Defense
NYC For Abortion Rights
Jane’s Sidewalk Supporters for Choice (Everett, WA)

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